Improving anaerobic capacity with Clayton Fettell

Anaerobic capacity is very often overlooked by triathletes who tend to focus heavily on Aerobic capacities. This can lead to poor performance and heavy fatigue come race day with an inability to shift stroke rate up and tolerate lactate. 

This session begins with setting up body position that I use with my athletes through various drill progressions and a short 3x100 pace check before diving into the Anaerobic work. After the 12x50’s we go into a short hit of lactic threshold swimming with a race start 50 followed by a settled 150 where you’re training your body to clear lactic acid at a high speed. 

We finish the set with 2x400 strength at low heart rate before a short cool down and out.  

Anaerobic Capacity set 

400 fs/bk

400 pull focus on body pos.

8x50 build 1-4 on 10 rest

fins- 8x50 drills on 10 rest

3x100 easy, mod,hard( Aerobic 1,2,3) on 20 rest 

100 relax


12x50 - 2:00

1. 20 mtr max

2. best pace

3. 20 mtr speed drill( head up fs/ polo drill) 

4. best pace 

200 relax

3x200 - 3:30 (50 best pace/150 80%)


2x400 aerobic zones pull and paddles

200 easy fins


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