How to View Challenges as Opportunities

by Ryan Miller

In testing times it can be easy to take the easy option. The most common excuse I hear in triathlon is “ I don’t have the time “ and in most cases this is true, now the challenge is we have the time but how can we adjust to this unusual situation we all find ourselves in. 

One way to adapt is by swapping out those high-intensity key sessions and adjusting to aerobic training runs, open water beach swims (where accessible) or focusing on the home gym work, where we normally drop off when the volume is increased as races loom near. Or focusing on building a strong base, and prioritizing a daily 15 min foam rolling session or bodyweight workout which can help keep mobility and prevent injuries. My favorite focus right now is hip flexor mobility, stretching and strengthening to help a number of lower-body issues that can appear with increasing Ironman volume. 

Adjusting workouts is one thing, but adjusting our mindset is another. Here are 3 tips to keep the mindset from wavering: 

1. Don’t set big goals. Have daily checklists to tick off and treat each day as an accomplishment when you achieve them.

2. Surround yourself with positive people and stay interacted with them whether it be on social media, group chats, podcasts or just over the phone. This can be a great way of being accountable to the process.

3. Set aside time for training and fun activities with the family. Pencil it into your daily plan so it can be done together. 

If we all play our role we will not only come through this experience sooner rather than later but also a better version of our old self.

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