Finding Motivation in the Current Times

By Jackie Hering
Professional Triathlete, Mom of 2, business owner. 

One of the main topics out there in the endurance sports world is how to stay motivated and train without a clear race goal. Races are what drive us!! Like most of you, I spent a bit of time wondering this same thing! Luckily, I have set a few goals and found distractions to actually make some improvements during this time. Hopefully, I will come out ahead when race season does re-start.

I have no doubt training is more important than ever to keep our sense of normalcy and provide us a healthy focus in this strange time. Here are three suggestions to find motivation. 

  • Reframe Your Goals. 

  • Staying motivated when you don’t have races looming, is all about reframing your goals based on what's available to you: time, resources and/or energy. Everything is different now, and your goals will be too. Motivation can look like targeting something you have ignored in the past, like form, strength, core work or speed, and taking time to focus on it. It could look as simple as a daily movement goal. If your schedule allows, this is a great time to make improvements in your chosen area without the pressure of a timeline or race coming up. 

  • Try New Things!

  • I have taken this time to continue focusing on my bike goals. I am working with a coach and have an April Bike Focus Group where we are committed to riding every day in April! I am trying new things like doing actual workouts when I ride outside (as we are still able to do here, thank goodness!) and using heart rate data! It’s been a fun challenge to stretch beyond normal training routines - some things I may have never done with my normally packed spring race calendar. What are some new things you could experiment with in your training? How can you set yourself up to stay accountable and stick with it? 

  • Be Flexible

  • Most of all, having patience and grace with yourself as you navigate this new normal to find your motivation is key! Things may change and even your goals may shift as we slowly transition back to ‘normal’. Stress of change can have an effect on your energy, so listen to your body and care for yourself and others - this can be tough!  I heard a good quote the other day along the lines of: “We are all in the same storm, not necessarily the same boat”.

    Be safe and strong out there, friends!

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