A Letter From The Founders

Hello to our endurance family,

In an attempt to piece together the essence of 2023 for WYN republic, I retraced my steps, picking up my digital breadcrumbs since January 1, 2023. I looked at my inbox from the first week of the year, hoping I had sent some epic, motivational all-hands email to the WYN team (Alas, I didn't. Note to 2024 self to do better). 

I perused my camera roll, month-by-month, slowly remembering the moments that comprised this mammoth year with clichéd thoughts: 'Was Tasmania 70.3 really this year? It seems like forever ago!" But it really was this year, along with so many other events and milestones and I can confidently proclaim that this was our Best Year Ever. As CEO, I can also report that 2023 was our Biggest Year Ever and we are turning into an actual, legitimate brand and company. 
We want to send a true, heartfelt thank you to you for helping us grow and participate in a meaningful way at endurance events around the globe. I've said it before, but the brand truly is about more than just lycra. We dipped our toes in the European market, with expos at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Finland and the Ironman World Championships in Nice and got to support our WYN athletes on ground. The seeds have been planted for more global distribution...we're looking at you, Europe and Asia . (Ok, we're not there yet, but I think that if I say the 'big thing' in a mass email, we are more likely to actually do the 'big thing' before the mass email gets written again next year.)

In 2023, our global ambassador team, WYNR, grew to nearly 1000 strong, with 120 Global Elite athletes who raced world championship events. My personal 'moment of the year' was speaking to our 52 female athletes at the Ironman World Championships team brunch in Kona, amazed at their collective accomplishment and grateful they chose to race for the WYN team. 

The professional athletes we sponsor continue to represent the brand in an authentic way and help us develop the most aerodynamic suit technology in the world. 2023's roster included our first Ironman World Champion, Chelsea Sodaro, who debuted our prototype CdA suit which will hit the shelves in '24. I hate to be immodest, but I must say that next year's pro lineup is going to absolutely blow your mind. Watch this space!

Thanks to your purchases, our Buy One Give One program continued to impact youth throughout the USA, Australia and even Rwanda. We purpose-made and donated 5,093 pieces of activewear valued at over $129,000 USD and put it in the hands of kids who need it the most. Thanks to our partners Good Sports Inc & Kit Bag for Kids for their ongoing support in helping us distribute the gear. 
For the fourth consecutive year, we attended and sponsored Active Fests and MALO color runs in remote, underserved Australian towns. Each child, and many of the adults that participated, went home with a new set of our activewear and hopefully a spark of the positive impact that sports and wellness can make in their lives. 

This year, via our membership with 1% for the planet, we donated to organizations that share our mission to improve wellbeing and outcomes for underserved youth and their communities. In 2023, we donated to Seed Indigenous Youth Climate NetworkBlack Outside, Inc. and Childrens Ground Australia on your behalf. Thank you all for making those donations possible. 
We're growing, but never too big to take each athlete and customer seriously and value what you bring to our community. My inbox is always open at beth@wynrepublic.com for ideas, thoughts, or feedback. Thank you so much for building this with us- it excites and scares me every single day. Cheers to the year that was, and eyes forward into the new year! 
With love, 
Beth and Luke McKenzie and the WYN team
Co-Founders, WYN republic 

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